Real beauty on women

Real beauty on women

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I just read a blog that got me thinking… usual.

REAL BEAUTY…….God-given desire to feel and be pretty… be seen as beautiful, through someone else’s eyes. REAL BEAUTY is sexy and modest, vivacious and humble, abundant and simple, strong and weak, dignified and wild, wise and meek. Inner beauty verses outward. Why is it so tempting to focus merely on the outward adorning….with makeup and jewelry and clothes that show off our bodies, looking like everyone else? How could we enhance the REAL inner beauty described above? Sexy and modest to me says healthy body, not out-of-fashion, but dignified. Vivacious and humble to me says happy, positive, and always grateful. Abundant and simple to me says thankful and giving. Strong and weak says energetic, focused, disciplined, open and real. Dignified and wild says being responsible, adaptable, vulnerable. Wise and meek says being busy, discreet, listening and always learning.

Where are the role models? Where are the images of this?

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