Gluten can deteriote the blood-brain barrier!!!

Gluten can deteriote the blood-brain barrier!!!


Study in Sweden links gluten with brain disease…….autism,  schizophrenia.  The study was done comparing newborns’ blood with mothers’ antibodies……and then following those newborns.

There are so many references…… Dr. Willliam Davis’ book, Wheat Belly……..or Dr. Rodney Ford’s book, Gluten: Zero Global……and several from Dr. Perlmutter.

An article from  says that gluten is highly linked to inflammatory disorders of all kinds, including the neurological system……brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves.  The inflammatory reaction to gluten deteriorates the thin lining that protects the brain from pathogens and toxins.  The article goes on to discuss how we metabolize gluten, creating opioids which are opium-like substances such as heroin……and that some people, depending on their consumption level and resulting sensitivity level to gluten, could actually experience withdrawal symptoms when coming off these opioids.  And lastly, the article discusses how gluten is similar in structure to the nervous tissue and the thyroid , and that as a  person produces antibodies for gluten, it can actually attack its own nervous tissue and thyroid.

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