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I LOVE DOODLING !!! And I’m realizing that I’ve always been a doodler! How did I lose my way? Was it because I told myself that I couldn’t draw? That I couldn’t paint? So now, thanks to Diane Bleck….. I FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN!! I ordered my new markers[…]



Fellow Toastmasters: [I close my eyes and take two deep breaths……slowly….opening an eye at one point to grin at the audience.] That was me…..getting oxygen to my brain. I recently read an article about anxiety, how your heart rate increases when you’re anxious, of course; but the amount of oxygen[…]

are you mentally strong?


Forbes Magazine’s 13 Things Mentally Strong Avoid: http://www.forbes.com/sites/cherylsnappconner/2013/11/18/mentally-strong-people-the-13-things-they-avoid/?utm_content=buffer425f0&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=Buffer



Someone recently turned me on to Brene Brown……excellent speaker, author, and researcher.  This short animation video is most excellent and makes me think of not only empathy but also love, esteeming others higher, longsuffering, courage, and bearing one another’s burdens.   http://brenebrown.com/2013/12/10/rsabear/. And check out Brene’s vulnerability and shame videos here:  http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_listening_to_shame.html  in 2012. And in 2010: […]

yes……you can heal cavities naturally!!!

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I think I’ve known this was true since…….or at least became suspicious of dentists……when after one of my son’s dental checkups, the dentist said he had 4 cavities.  For whatever reason, I didn’t hop right on it…….so then in 6 months when we went back for another checkup, they reported[…]

history of women’s pants


“The Evolution of Women’s Pants”……. interesting look at “women looking to push the boundaries” by starting the “bloomer craze” in 1851.  Then as women took on more of men’s responsibilities during World War I, women’s pants were associated with work-related purposes…….then in the 1920’s for horseback riding.   The 1930’s and[…]



StraightLine Shelters   ……..serving OKC Metro……immediate financing available…..quick installation.  Don’t be caught without a storm shelter.  Your possessions can be replaced….your family cannot.  Call Ross at 405-508-9292 StraightLine Shelters…..BUILT FOR LIFE.



Marian Green’s article from www.ungrind.com makes some good points regarding  modesty.  Read the entire article ..http://ungrind.org/2013/why-modesty-matters/…for more thought-provoking input, but she summarizes with the following positive results of making modesty matter: 1. I have the opportunity to be defined by something other than my form. 2. I have the opportunity to teach[…]