Do dentists lie?


This man actually traveled around to 50 dentists, getting many different recommendations. I thought it was interesting because I remember taking my 8-year-old to the dentist and being told he had 4 cavities. For some reason I did not act immediately on their suggestion to fill the cavities, but I[…]

great essential oils post


Something about these oils just resonates !!!

yoga so good to open pelvis

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I love yoga and so much wish I’d known to try it while I was pregnant. The awareness, the calm, the focus, the opening…..all so helpful to what is going on in labor.

pictures of teeth remineralizing


Conclusion about Teeth Remineralizing Tooth cavities happen usually because there is a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble minerals in our diet. This comes from eating the wrong types of foods and mineral deficient soils. Tooth decay is not caused by bacteria, and that is why brushing and flossing[…]

yes……you can heal cavities naturally!!!

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I think I’ve known this was true since…….or at least became suspicious of dentists……when after one of my son’s dental checkups, the dentist said he had 4 cavities.  For whatever reason, I didn’t hop right on it…….so then in 6 months when we went back for another checkup, they reported[…]

Gluten can deteriote the blood-brain barrier!!!


Study in Sweden links gluten with brain disease…….autism,  schizophrenia.  The study was done comparing newborns’ blood with mothers’ antibodies……and then following those newborns. There are so many references…… Dr. Willliam Davis’ book, Wheat Belly……..or Dr. Rodney Ford’s book, Gluten: Zero Global……and several from Dr. Perlmutter. An article from  says that[…]