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Just wondering if anyone out there resonates with this message: …. …. THAT WE EACH HAVE A BUSINESS INSIDE US It’s the way we were meant to fulfill our creativity, our gifts. It’s learning and using skills, gaining competence and confidence, able to be self-reliant, growing. It’s our work, our[…]

reposting the most popular Ted Talk

education Use the gift of imagination..Are we  teaching our children to fear failure?….Why can’t we teach dance like we do math?  …Creativity is as important as literacy….Need to rethink our view of intelligence.

Have I mentioned Marie Forleo???

education, good stewardship/business

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned Marie Forleo who has an amazing and inspiring entrepreneurial story.  Her weekly MarieTV episodes are always worth watching, in my opinion,  even though her language may occasionally be offensive.  I like this video on “Why Smart People Underperform….”   Check it out:    […]

Dave’s “20 Things the Rich do Every Day…”

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Dave Ramsey says, “My team and I are loving teachers who understand that people’s best shot at having a better life is to make better choices, have better habits, and grow their character.”   Apparently some readers thought this list was a slam against the poor….not fair….etc.   I found it inspiring:

so inspirational!!!!!

education, good stewardship/business

I have always thought that each of us has something to teach…..God-given gifts to share, and now with the Internet………….oh my!  Blogs, Facebook, e-books, personal websites, pinterest, youtube……they all enable us to just go crazy sharing…..which I guess a lot are doing.  I recently watched this preview to a course about[…]

rethink education principles!!!


Are we  teaching our children to fear failure? Why can’t we teach dance? Creativity is as important as literacy. Need to rethink our view of intelligence.  

key to success


She says the key to success…..the ingredient that makes the difference ….. is grit.  Maybe that is another name for perseverance, character, hope, courage, diligence, longsuffering.  Those things can’t be  learned from a book.  Watch the short video below: