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Another good one

good books

I know I’ve mentioned Brene Brown and her Ted Talks in 2010 and 2012.  This book on shame and vulnerability has really shed some light on my parenting.  I can’t go back and undo, but I can perhaps help my children not to make the same mistakes with my grandchildren.

Big name, big smile, big help for your business

good stewardship/business

Not only is Jeff Walker inspiring and so incredibly authentic, he is so adorable!!  I can’t help but smile when I watch him on video.  HA.  His story of going from staying at home with the kids while his wife brought home the money…….to making millions online……and it all started[…]

Make noise!!!

childbirth Makes several points that are neat: 1. Have a support person (doula) with you. 2. listen to your body and don’t be inhibited.

Do dentists lie?


This man actually traveled around to 50 dentists, getting many different recommendations. I thought it was interesting because I remember taking my 8-year-old to the dentist and being told he had 4 cavities. For some reason I did not act immediately on their suggestion to fill the cavities, but I[…]

doulas rock!!!


another study on the importance of a woman’s support before, during and after childbirth. Hence, support for doulas!!

vbac video


Good story on mom that had a vbac.

a little improvement for laboring mom


So rather than starve this amazing woman who is doing the hardest work of her life, now somebody says she can have a protein shake. Yoohoo!!